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108 Sun Salutations at Sunrise

Every Solstice and Equinox we meet at Dawn to Salute the Sun - 108 times!  We'll  batch the Sun Salutations into manageable clusters with short breaks in between.  Do as many or as few as you choose!  In the colder months there will be a fire in the woodstove.  But be forewarned - if at all possible, Krista will be leading this from OUTSIDE on the lawn!  Please bring warm layers and a sense of adventure!


Absolute Beginner Series

A three week workshop for those new to yoga - or those who feel like they jumped in without having anyone really break things down for them.  No need to worry that you'll be in over your head - we'll start with "this is a yoga mat" - and continue to build on what we learn from one week to the next.  At the end of the series you'll have enough experience to attend a public yoga class with confidence.  There will be ample time to talk with Krista about how best to continue with your yoga practice once the workshop is over.

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