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Contact us by phone or email to discuss booking Private Classes.

Why a Private Class?  Here are some examples:

  • You'd like some one-on-one attention to start or go deeper into a practice

  • There are particular issues you'd like to focus on (including, but not limited to - modifying to accommodate an injury; there's a specific posture you'd like to work towards; exploring alternate poses to gain similar benefit, etc.)

  • You're not comfortable in a group setting

  • You and a group of friends want a class all to yourselves (Celebrating something?  Healthy Saturday Night Fun?)

  • There's a Specialty Class you'd like to share with your group (Soundbath?  Yoga Nidra?  Restorative?  Glitter Flow?)

  • Family Reunion Activity (Local travel may be an option - yoga at camp?)

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